A former CIA operative (Cumming), who has since built a "normal" life as a gifted professor and writer, is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer on the loose.


Actor:Daniel Ings

Director:Michael Rauch


Duration:60 min




Season 1 - Instinct
"Former CIA operative Dr. Dylan Reinhart is lured back to his old life when NYPD Detective Lizzie Needham needs his help to stop a serial killer."
"Dylan, having returned to teaching after helping the NYPD catch a serial killer, is called upon again to aid Detective Needham on a complex case involving the murder of a venture capitalist."
"The murder of a young man who recently left his family\u2019s religious community leads Dylan and Lizzie to a series of possible suspects, including a short-tempered photographer and a mysterious girl with amnesia. Also, Lizzie\u2019s younger sister, Katie, unexpectedly drops by for a visit."
"Dr. Dylan Reinhart and Det. Lizzie Needham are reassigned to a murder case in Central Park when their investigation into a chemical attack on the subway is taken over by an FBI team led by Dylan\u2019s estranged father, Roger. However, Dylan can\u2019t shake the feeling that the cases are related."
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a Jane Doe, but when they realize that the victim was killed by mistake, they must identify the killer\u2019s motive and intended target before she suffers the same fate."
"Dylan and Julian go undercover in a hospital when they suspect an \u201cangel of death\u201d is killing people with non-life-threatening ailments. Also, Lizzie asks Andy for his legal expertise when a personal trainer sues her for accidentally injuring him."
"Dylan and Lizzie are under pressure to deliver results when they investigate the death of Jasmine\u2019s friend, the owner of a professional basketball team who died when her car went off a bridge"
"When a woman is shot outside a community center, Dylan and Lizzie are challenged by the mayor to solve the case in less than 24 hours to quell pressure from the media and special interest groups."
"Two members of an acting troupe are killed using sophisticated poisons; Andy worries that Dylan isn't fitting in, so he encourages Dylan to attend a barbecue being thrown by Detective Fucci."
"When Celia Baxter, a successful author, is almost killed in her home, Dylan and Lizzie\u2019s suspect list includes several people who may have held a grudge as she rose in stature in the publishing world. Also, Lizzie gets closer to learning the truth about the death of her fianc\u00e9, who was killed while undercover."
"Dylan and Lizzie are unable to identify a motive or connection when several average people blow themselves up using suicide bombs. Also, Julian, concerned that Dylan could be exposing himself to past enemies, enlists Lizzie to talk him out of hiring Ashely, a publicist."
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a film student whose death was broadcast for the world to see. Also, Andy and Dylan realize that parenting is tougher than they thought when they agree to look after Madison, a friend\u2019s 12-year-old daughter."
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of Joan\u2019s prot\u00e9g\u00e9, Kristy, uncovering long-buried secrets worth killing over. Also, Dylan and Andy apply to adopt a child, and Lizzie\u2019s reliance on Julian\u2019s illicitly obtained information puts a promotion in jeopardy, on the first season finale."
Season 2 - Instinct
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a successful businesswoman who attempted to prolong the lifespan of humans. Also, Dylan and Andy look to continue their adoption search, and Detective Ryan Stock from Nebraska arrives to hunt for a potential serial killer."
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of an aspiring musician who was gunned down on a roller coaster at an amusement park. Also, Lizzie exhausts herself trying to keep up with a newly single friend, and Andy and Dylan look to broaden their options for adoption."
"Lizzie and Dylan work a case that provokes deep emotions for them when a 9-year-old boy goes missing on the eve of a judge\u2019s decision in a bitter custody battle. Also, with Dylan\u2019s help, Lizzie confronts some of her past childhood demons, and a major advancement presents itself in Dylan and Andy\u2019s adoption search."
"A Sweet 16 celebration turns into a crime scene when the birthday girl\u2019s stepmother falls to her death and the guests and staff are put under a microscope by the NYPD. Also, Ryan finds a new lead in his investigation, and Lizzie receives some positive news at the precinct."
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate the case of a prominent divorce lawyer who is found murdered in a bizarre ritual. Dylan and Andy hit a bump in their adoption process. Lizzie and Julian reach a tough point in their relationship. Ryan\u2019s serial killer case escalates."
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate when a street artist\u2019s work is found with a victim\u2019s body in the middle of it. Also, Ryan catches a suspect in the Sleeping Beauty Killer investigation and Dylan\u2019s new book editor, Harry Kassabian, pays him a visit."
"Dylan and Lizzie go undercover in New York\u2019s erotic underworld when they investigate the murder of a high-powered public relations rep. Also, a glamorous love from Julian\u2019s comes back into his life with a proposal he can\u2019t resist."
"Dylan and Lizzie work to uncover why an Olympic-hopeful figure skater is killed while on the ice. Also, Ryan\u2019s case heats up and lands him and Dylan in unusual circumstances and Julian comes to understand why an old acquaintance has returned to New York."
"It\u2019s all hands on deck to track down the Sleeping Beauty Killer when Ryan and Dylan\u2019s biggest lead in the case takes them to a faceoff aboard a ship. Also, Dylan receives troubling news from his father."
"Dylan and Lizzie investigate deaths of three family members who were also business partners in a craft brewery. Also, Andy\u2019s legal expertise is needed when he and Dylan confront an issue in their adoption process, and Lizzie learns some hard truths about Julian\u2019s past."
"A gruesome discovery in a city pond leads Dylan and Lizzie to investigate a young man's murder, while Andy rescues one of Dylan's students from a legal bind."