The Master and Max

The Master and Max

Der Meister und Max

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1h 23m 2015 HD

Watch the master and max Soap2day. According to his friend Polo the “Ober-Swiss,” Max is a spineless character who lives strictly according to conventions and is never satisfied with himself or the world. In truth, Max is fictitious – born out of the fantasy of the filmmaker Clemens Klopfenstein, who created him as his alter ego. Max falls in love with the impassioned Christine, but she jilts him within a short time because of his reluctant disposition. He thus takes a decision: to call upon the “master” in the hopes that he can liberate him from the interminably same role. Based on works by Clemens Klopfenstein, the compilation film emerges as a new, self-contained story, while rendering palpable the very essence of the filmmaker.

The Master and Max (2015)
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