Marry Me, Maribel

Marry Me, Maribel

Cásate conmigo, Maribel

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1h 35m 2003 HD

Watch marry me, maribel Soap2day. Maribel (Natalia Dicenta) is a prostitute working in Madrid in the late fifties. One night he meets Marcelino (Carlos Hipolito), shy and quiet man who falls for her. For Maribel is in principle a client more, but gradually begins to feel attracted to the shy provincial, owner of a chocolate factory in Soria. Pili (Nathalie Seseña), Rufi (Mireia Ros) and Nini (Malena Alterio), the companions of Maribel, truculent by nature suspicious of this relationship and begin to suspect that the provincial could be a murderer. When Maribel Marcelino asks her to marry him, they intervene and away from Marcelino and his "strange family". Adapted from the play "Maribel and the Strange Family" by Miguel Mihura.

Marry Me, Maribel (2003)
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